"... soloist Sergio de los Cobos came up with a good, sturdy performance of the Liszt E-flat Concerto..."

The Houston Post (USA)

" The characteristic rhythms and inflections of the music flowed from him with the spontaneity of one speaking his native language"

New York Concert Review

"...Grieg's Piano Concerto. The pianist's mastery of one of the most beloved pieces of classical music was impressive. "

AbileneReporter-News (USA)

"Cobos played tastefully and beautifully, with rhythmic precision and with sensitivity to phrasing, color and dynamics. "

The Sun (USA)

"Splendid recital..."

El Norte de Castilla (Spain)

"...played with flexibility in the phrasing and the dynamics, giving precise importance to elements such as accents, harmony and timbre."

El País (Spain)

"...a control of technique, complemented by a sensible musicality."

London Times (U.K.)

"The soloist, Sergio de los Cobos, played with great authority."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

"...great variety of touch...enormous virtuosity...outstanding event...storm of applause..."

Zürichsee-Zeitung (Switzerland)

"...a brilliant execution, full of color and sensitivity..."

Tribune de Genève (Switzerland)

"A musician of high caliber... in Messiaen's work, Sergio de los Cobos revealed a great musicality...the audience definitely accepted his musical vision...For the first time I listened to this work [Alborada del Gracioso] without secretely wishing for its orchestral version."

Arnhem (The Netherlands)

"Cobos offered in the slow movement colors that we seldom hear, even by great pianists...a great pianistic talent, controlled dynamics, clear sound...The controlled power and passion turned the interpretation of Schumann's Symphonic Etudes into an authentic experience."

Der Landbote (Switzerland)